Hilarious Comics With Unexpectedly Dark Endings by SpaceboyCantLOL (New Pics)

Meet Mohit Srivastava, an artist based in India known for creating dark humor and unexpected comics. Comics range from light-hearted to funny to dark very quickly. The artist has named his comics series SpaceboyCantLOL, which is very popular on social media. The artist had a penchant for the comic since childhood, and that love blossomed […]

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30 Weird and Funny Comics with Twisted Endings By SpaceBoyCantLol

Nowadays, hardly any comic can surprise you because humor has become a good way to express thoughts and ideas. At which people around the world can quickly laugh. However, India’s artist Mohit Srivastava brought something new to the table. Challenges logic and reality with its absurd and funny comics, which often end with twists you […]