30 Funny And Relatable Comics About Life, Death, And Everything In Between By Jibang (New Photos)

Jibang is a Singaporean cartoonist who creates the “Jibang” series. The artist is known for creating entertaining and passionate comics. Xibang’s comic is clean and simple with a four-panel style. Through a masterful mix of humor, love, and dogma, the artist skillfully navigates the complex terrain of emotion in his comics. The artist shared that […]

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Satirical Comics By Artist Anton Gudim That Show How Contradictory Society is (22 New Photos)

Gudim Anton is an artist who notices and portrays the irony that occurs in everyday life. The artist named his comic “Yes, but”, which is very popular all over the world. Anton’s comic is very entertaining. The artist is known for his clever and humorous “yes but” comic series. His art shows us life in […]


20 Dark-Humored Comics With Unexpected Twists By ‘Dogs On The 4th’

Hailing from Delaware, USA, talented digital artist Elliot Fairweather has taken the webcomic world by storm with his unique and dark quips. Elliott has named his webcomic ‘Dog on the 4th’. Ranging from the comic to the satirical, unexpected plotlines follow Elliott’s stories, making his material so engaging. The artist’s motivation to be a comic […]


Hilarious Comics With Unexpectedly Dark Endings by SpaceboyCantLOL (New Pics)

Meet Mohit Srivastava, an artist based in India known for creating dark humor and unexpected comics. Comics range from light-hearted to funny to dark very quickly. The artist has named his comics series SpaceboyCantLOL, which is very popular on social media. The artist had a penchant for the comic since childhood, and that love blossomed […]


30 hilarious Twisted Comics With Dark Humor And Unexpected Endings By “Cat Trigger”

Do you love to read dark humor comics then you are at the right place. Meet Patrick Cheng, an artist based in Chicago, IL who is an award-winning animator and motion designer. Patrick’s comics are full of wit and light humor. The artist has named his comic “Cat Trigger” which is very popular on social […]