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21 Comics That Show The Same Situation From Two Different Sides By Anton Gudim

Moscow painter Anton Gudim is one of our favorite artists. Because his comic ends in an unexpected twist. His comic is a short paneled one, his art showing us life in its many complexities, some of which are downright absurd and fully portrayed in his paintings while showing us a different perspective. Which makes us […]

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The Absurdity Of Our Lives Perfectly Illustrated In Hilarious Comics By Artist MadyByTio’s

Adding the above humor to your comics. Meet awesome comic artist MedBeatio who paints surprising and funny situations with a dash of ironic reality that, to some, can seem somewhat offensive. 4 panels are enough to express an idea in a comic. The content is healthy with a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary […]


Artist Ryan Pagelo Creates 30 New Comics Cute With Dark Endings

Meet Ryan Pagelo who is an amazing artist from Chicago. Who has been making the popular webcomic called the adorable “Bunni Comic” since 2009 . Ryan is a creative genius. The creative artist creates captivating and mood-enhancing pieces, including characters such as animals, foods, ghosts, and everyday objects. Comics almost always ends with a strangely […]

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25 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists That Make Fun In Our Society By Ryan Kramer

Meet artist Ryan Kramer, popularly known as Toonhole Ryan. The artist gives us insight into our current world and shares his amazing content weekly. Toonhole is a group of four people who create gripping comics with surprising twists that reveal just how strange our world really is. Ryan has been making comics since 2010 with […]

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The artist portrays his daily life with an IT guy and his dog in 25 hilarious comics

Are you looking for a webcomic series that will bring an instant smile to your face? Hong-Kong-based 30-year-old painter Bonnie Pang created the webcomic called “ITguyARTgirl”. Bonnie likes to incorporate surprising, funny, and relatable everyday situations into her comic featuring her husband and their dog Millie. The creation of Bonnie is associated with some purpose […]

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20 Hilarious Comics For Those Who Love A Dark Sense Of Humor By “Deliberately Buried Comics”

Meet Sean a New York-based comic artist who loves to create images that are surprising, funny, and sometimes even a dark ending with a twist. And if your sense of humor is on the dark side, I’m pretty sure they’ll be right for you. Sean’s webcomic is titled Eliberately Buried, Sean started the webcomic back […]