30 Hilarious One-Panel Comics Full Of Absurd Situations And Goofy Humor By Karlo Ferdon

Comics are one of the many mediums that artists use to express themselves and their ideas. Meet Karlo Ferdon, the talented artist who creates wordless and minimalistic, yet eloquent one-panel comics. Carlo’s comics are full of funny, absurd, and ironic moments. Which is very funny. The artist was fond of reading comics since childhood. For […]

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30 Hilarious Minimalist Comics Without Dialogue By Carlo Ferdon

Today we have brought for you an amazing comic that will brighten your day. The comics are all funny and centered around almost surreal or dream-like situations. The comic is one-panel with no words used but the comic is very hilarious. Meet Carlo Ferdón a genius artist from Chile. Artists have their own unique way […]