30 Hilarious Comics with Intimate Humor and Random Twists by Bummer Party (25 Pics)

”Bummer Party” Comics is a popular web comic series known for its silly humor and hilarious and relatable scenes with random twists. Meet Rusty, the talented artist known for creating strange comics about strange events. The artist incorporates humor from his everyday life experiences. And the comic includes funny, absurd and ironic moments. The artist […]

COMICS FUNNY Illustration

Here Are 20 Bizarre Comics Full of Random Twists by “Poorly Drawn Lines”

Do you like webcomics, at some point in our lives we have fallen in love with comics. Meet Reza Farazmand, the artist behind the famous webcomic series “Poorly Drawn Lines.” The comics feature surprising, funny, and sometimes even satirical endings with a twist. The artist gets inspiration to create comics from his own feelings. Ideas […]

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30 Dark Comics Full Of Random Twists And Unexpected Endings By Harris Fishman

Do you like unexpected and dark humor comics? Meet Harris Fishman, known for creating funny comics with creativity and unexpected endings. Harris’s absurdist and humorous comics are a hit on social media under the name Beetle Moses. The artist was interested in comics since childhood and as he grew up, his interest grew into a […]


Funny Comics With Goofy Humor And Random Twists By Rusty Epstein (30 New Pics)

Meet writer and artist Rusty Epstein who lives in Boston. The artist is known for creating fun comics with silly humor and random twists. The artist creates wacky comics about bizarre events. Rusty injects humor into life situations in a fun way. The comic is full of funny, absurd, and ironic moments. The artist had […]